Shade sails are large pieces of fabric that provide shade and are very common in warmer areas like Phoenix, AZ. Many years ago, these sails were installed by sailors and were extensively used to provide the required protection from the sun on a long journey across the ocean.

shade sail installed in phoenix arizonaModern day shade sails are made from shade cloth that is a knitted fabric which often has UV inhibitors that prevent degradation of the shade from exposure to the sun. An Arizona shade sail company will stretch the fabric over a framework and can be made into many three-dimensional shapes that can assist in the provision of the required shade. Canvas is also used for shade sails as are some other materials. Shade sails will have eyelets or other methods of fixing that are designed to take the tension of the installation. Each shade sail will have a turnbuckle or other pulley system that allows the corner of the sail to be fixed to the supporting structure. Some of them even have snap hooks that enable the sail to be taken down when not in use. High winds and monsoons can damage sail shades, and that is why it’s smart to have this feature in windy areas.

A typical custom shade sail will have cloth or fabric that is secured in at least three places. These points can be on walls, on the ground or specially created frames that are installed by Shade ‘n Net in Phoenix where your shade is desired. You will find shade sails in use in the yards of homes, in public spaces, parks, restaurants and many resorts on the shore. These sail shades can lead to a difference of temperature of at least 10 degrees, and this can be a big relief on really hot days. Strategic installation of shade sails around a home or property can help to reduce the air conditioning load, by preventing the sun from heating exposed wall and window areas.


You can always get some pre-made shade sails that will be of definite dimensions, and these are cheap as long as they suit your requirement. Custom shade sails can prove more expensive but will be tailored to your particular needs, and you can have all the necessary combinations and configurations that you desire from the installation. Shade sails come in many different sizes, shapes, and colors, while there is a wide variety of materials to choose from.

You can also combine some sails to provide you the required shade to cover the area that you want protecting, and ensuring that this protection is available, even as seasons change through the year. You will find such combinations in wide use in parks and playgrounds and other areas that are in everyday use.

Before you decide on the installation of a shade sail to give you the necessary comfort that you are looking for, assess the area that you want to be covered, so that you can get the maximum advantage of this installation. Research the various materials that are available and the supporting framework or installation that you need to secure the shade sail. The comfort that a shade sail can bring has to be experienced to be appreciated.

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